The Advanced Communication Augmentor and Relational Insights System - v2

The Advanced Communication Augmentor and Relational Insights System - v2
Photo by Possessed Photography / Unsplash

Yo, fellow tech enthusiasts.

Today, I would like to introduce ACARISv2, the second iteration of the Advanced Communication Augmentor and Relational Insights System, or ACARIS. It's a result of many sleepless nights, relentless self-education, and an unyielding resolve to understand human behavior, especially the intricacies of interpersonal communication and emotional understanding, which I lack the ability to do myself.

The Birth of ACARIS

Ever since I started the ACARIS project, it was more than that; it was a mission, a life objective to understand, to resolve one of the most profound personal issues, struggles, that I possess. I repeatedly keep finding myself in intricate interpersonal situations that make my analytical, methodological, and intensely technically-oriented mind go awry, despite my fair understanding of the underlying elements and the objective definition of the problem at hand.

Driven by the unyielding conviction that human behavior and emotions, at their core, adhere to discernible and quantifiable patterns, I embarked on this generally perceived as an impossible journey, a journey propelled by years of relentless self-study through intricately researching the subject matter, pulling research papers apart, and reading dozens of books related to psychology and cognitive science, and an unwavering resolve to model the essence that makes us human.


Recently, the issue that I spoke of earlier, the failure to understand humans, has shown its claws once again, epitomized by an incredibly emotional and vulnerable conversation with a friend, setting focus onto and pronouncing the necessity of the immense personal importance of this endeavor.

What happened with her, the friend, is not an isolated case. ACARISv2, built upon these personal narratives, metamorphoses into a tool of self-improvement and enhanced inter-human and machine-human comprehension. The project will, while helping individuals similar to myself, also support machine understanding of human emotional states and interpersonal cues, making them better at seeing us for what we, by definition, are - animals.

Advancements in ACARISv2

With a refreshed battery cell and urgency-driven determination, ACARISv2, to me, represents my continuous cycle of aggressive and technologically mediated self-improvement by making an example out of lessons hard-learnt. Leveraging the capabilities of highly efficient, quantized, and mobile-ready multi-billion-parameter Transformer-based large language models, this iteration shall delve deeper into the nuanced vastness of human communication, offering insights that resonate on a personal level.

Thank you for accompanying me on this relentless narrative of growth and innovation. Together, we forge ahead, grounded in realism yet fueled by an indomitable spirit of scientific inquiry.