Realizing the CASIE vision with ACARIS

Realizing the CASIE vision from Deus Ex, ACARIS aims to revolutionize human-machine and human-human interactions and enhance online communication.

Realizing the CASIE vision with ACARIS
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

In the Deus Ex universe, the Computer-Assisted Social Interaction Enhancer (CASIE) is a game-changer, a social augmentation that aids the user in interpersonal exchanges by interpreting the behavior and emotional state of others. Our project, ACARIS - the Advanced Communication Augmentor and Relational Insights System - echoes the ambitions of CASIE, albeit sans the pheromone deployment.

When envisioning ACARIS, we aim for a sophisticated tool that extends beyond conventional sentiment analysis. We're keen on understanding the nuances of communication, the subtle threads of emotions, intent, and interest metrics that lace every conversation. This understanding, we believe, can revolutionize both human interactions and the way machines comprehend them.

Our initial trials with DistilBERT underscored the complexity of this ambitious endeavor. The first results weren't groundbreaking, yet they cemented our conviction. We believe in the potential of our approach, and we're not deterred by initial setbacks. In our pursuit of refining methods and enriching our dataset, we're motivated by the exciting possibilities ACARIS holds for the future of communication.

This venture isn't only about enhancing machine learning. It's also about addressing the social implications of our digital era, where face-to-face communication is often supplanted by online text exchanges. The decline in interpersonal skills, particularly among younger generations, is a concerning byproduct of this transition. ACARIS, with its ability to provide deep analysis of text-based communication, aims to help users enhance their social skills, understanding, and empathy.

In the expanding world of digital assistants and chatbots, the need for systems to accurately interpret human emotions and intent is critical. ACARIS, much like its Deus Ex counterpart, CASIE, aims to bridge that gap, enhancing the depth and efficacy of both human-machine and human-human interactions.

We are on an exciting path, fueled by the desire to realize the vision of the CASIE system in the form of ACARIS. Our journey has just begun, and we welcome you to join us as we explore the uncharted territories of advanced communication augmentation.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move closer to realizing this ambitious vision!