About us

We're OngakkenAI, an AI lab comprised of students and enthusiasts.

We're setting out to do a couple of things that we think are pretty special.

First off, we're building a personal life-tracking platform, a sort of digital sidekick that knows you inside and out. It's not just about chit-chat or setting reminders, but being a real helper in solving complex problems, big and small. And here's the thing: we're making sure it's all built on free and open-source tech, with your data staying right where it belongs - with you.

The second thing that gets us out of bed in the morning is natural language processing - it's kind of our thing. We're keen on digging deep into how we humans think, feel, and act, and using that knowledge to not just improve how we communicate with each other, but to make our digital sidekick even better at understanding and helping you. We're particularly interested in how this could help people who find communication tough, like those dealing with social anxiety.

So what's the big picture? Well, we're working to kick-start a new kind of AI revolution. One where privacy isn't an afterthought, where open-source is the rule rather than the exception, and where NLP is used to create meaningful, helpful interactions. That's the world we want to help build.